Guatemala Church

Since 1996 our church has been in a covenant relationship with Arca de Noe, a small, rural church in Guatemala, as part of a larger partnership relationship between our Presbytery and two Presbyteries in Guatemala. Members of our congregation have visited regularly, providing assistance with education, housing, drinking water and simply extending this relationship. In addition to these budgeted funds, non-funded, committed
funds are donated to support educational scholarships totaling $5,000 to $10,000 per year.

Our Partnership grows stronger each year. We visit Guatemala at least twice a year and have been blessed with visits from some of our brothers and sisters from our partner church as well. We are partnering with Arca de Noé in a children’s scholarship program. There are more than 35 children from both the church and the community receiving support for school supplies and tuition. Each time we visit, we purchase hundreds of pounds of rice, beans, sugar and other essentials for the poor of the community.

The sisters of Arca de Noé bag them and distribute them as one of their most important ministries. We are so blessed to have the opportunity to have these wonderful people as part of our family in Christ.

We were unable to send a delegation to Guatemala in 2020, due to Covid-19 closures of both borders. Our work there continued however. We have sent emergency funds for relief to our sister church, Arca de Noe to assist them in purchasing needed food supplies, since so many are unable to work due to Covid. We will continue to monitor their needs and are hopeful that a delegation will be able to visit later in 2021. The challenges in Guatemala are great, as the country is very poor and vaccination roll out has been slow. Please consider supporting our sister church through the scholarship program or monies to assist their village during these trying times. Contact: Kathy Ward

Watch a video about this partnership on our YouTube Channel.

Guatemala Church