Have you ever wondered how our little church can do so many things, both in the congregation and in the community? Learn more about who we are and what we do through the work of our many active members serving on various committees. If you find a committee that interests you, please contact the chairman or session member listed. You will be enriched and rewarded by your work to further the mission and ministry of our congregation by becoming involved in this way.

Buildings & Grounds

Bob Todd & Larry Zimmer

The Buildings and Grounds Committee has the oversight of the physical resources of the church and the grounds so to enable the church to be good stewards of these physical resources. It has the responsibility to do those tasks necessary to maintain the church buildings and grounds.

Christian Education

Donna Dicks & AC Marriott

The Christian Education Committee aims to provide opportunities for members of every age to grow and learn in their faith, both as individuals and as a church community. Because people learn differently and are at different places in their faith lives, we try to bring various avenues forward throughout the year that encourage exploration, study, and sharing to promote strong and healthy spiritual lives. Some of the opportunities provided include Sunday School, study and prayer groups, youth groups and retreats.

Clerk of the Session

Susan Carter

The Clerk of the Session is an active or inactive Elder who is responsible to keep records of the proceedings of the session and the congregation, arranges for the preservation of Session records, maintains and preserves rolls and registers, record and send the annual statistical information for General Assembly, receive and respond to correspondence, and assist the Moderator and Session as requested.


Lyndsay Ennis

The Communications Committee serves to connect and inform our congregation and church friends about ministries and activities.

Congregational Care

Deka Tate

The Congregational Care Committee is responsible for activities involving the care and celebration of church members. This includes the Shepherd program, birthday recognition for members 90 and over, receptions for weddings and funerals, showers for births and weddings and some fellowship meals.


Luana Anderson

The purpose of this committee is to organize events to allow for fellowship opportunities for the congregation. These include organizing meals after church, including Second Sunday Brunches, church picnics, friendship teas, and other fun activities for different age groups throughout the year. The committee is also responsible for maintenance and care of the kitchen.

Membership Outreach

Bob Blalock & Don Hilsmier

The goal of this committee is to assist in increasing the church family and church outreach to the community.


Carol Larson & Alice Johnson

The Missions Committee oversees the benevolence and outreach programs of our church. Our responsibilities include screening requests for support, coordinating benevolence giving while providing oversight of these efforts and continuously educating members of the congregation about our activities and making them aware of opportunities available to us.   The Rob Clemmer Benevolence Fund distributes funds as needed for emergencies such as heat, electricity and other needs in the community.

Permanent Funds

Jesse Pope

The purpose of the Permanent Funds Ministry is to provide endowments to expand the mission and ministry of the Banner Elk Presbyterian Church and to assist in capital improvements of church-related property. The PFM is not meant to substitute for annual giving and special giving to meet immediate needs. The monies invested are considered permanent assets of our church and are focused on meeting future needs.


Murry Haber

Your Personnel Committee evaluates current and future staffing needs, develops position descriptions, makes hiring recommendations to our Pastor and Finance as appropriate, and works with Stewardship and Finance on compensation plans. The committee also acts as liaison for staff members and encourages staff participation in developmental opportunities.


Cathy Richmond & Susan Carter

The purpose of the Preschool Board is to provide a loving accepting Christian atmosphere that will enable children to grow socially, physically, intellectually, and spiritually. The Board is composed of 3 church members, 2 parents, and 1 community member and is accountable to the session.

Stewardship & Finance

Chappie Petree

The mission of the Stewardship and Finance committee is to promote Christian stewardship, while serving as a liaison between the congregation and Session on financial matters. We work with all the committees to identify the church’s budgetary needs. With this information the annual budget is formed, and sent to Session for approval. Throughout the year, we monitor all financial resources and the use of funds. Your Stewardship and Finance committee works closely with Session to support and provide funding for the vision and mission of Banner Elk Presbyterian Church.


Janet Speer

The purpose of the committee is to provide meaningful worship experiences for our congregation using new and familiar modalities while preserving our reformed tradition. The committee works closely with the pastor and sub-committees in providing suggestions and oversight of the worship areas in the life of the church in order to help the congregation experience true worship.