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One of the priorities of Banner Elk Presbyterian Church is the ongoing spiritual care of our members and friends.

The Bereavement Guidelines page describes some of the policies and, more importantly, the beliefs that Presbyterians have surrounding death and our resurrection.

A very important and helpful document is “Instructions for My Loved Ones and Pastor.” The purpose of this document is to assist those people who are in a position of authority regarding your wishes for funeral or memorial service arrangements. While death is never easy for the family, it has been the experience of many people that when some of the questions and issues that arise at the time of death are taken care of ahead of time, the days immediately following the death of a loved one are a little less stressful. We want to encourage you to look through this section and fill out as much information as is possible. If you have not given thought to this before now, perhaps this will be a good tool to guide you in this process. Regardless of your age or circumstances in life, we recommend this practice to you.

Please keep this information and file it in a location with your other important documents. If you would like to sit down with the pastor to discuss any parts of these pages, particularly the “Instructions for My Loved Ones and Pastor”, please feel free to call the church office to schedule an appointment.