The purpose of the Permanent Funds Ministry is to provide endowments to expand the mission and ministry of the Banner Elk Presbyterian Church and to assist in capital improvements of church-related property. The PFM is not meant to substitute for annual giving and special giving to meet immediate needs. The monies invested are considered permanent assets of our church and are focused on meeting future needs.

Why contribute to the Permanent Funds Ministry?

  • Your personal response to Scripture.
  • Ensure the vitality of the church’s missions and ministries.
  • Create a Christian legacy for your family and yourself.

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June 10, 2018 was Wills Emphasis Sunday for the Banner Elk Presbyterian Church. The worship service promoted thinking about including a financial gift to the church in members’ estate planning. One major reason people don’t include their church in their will is because they’ve never been asked to do so.

What follows is a video recording featuring Don Hilsmier, Olanda Carr and Rev. Feild Russell speaking from the Pulpit.

On Wills Emphasis Sunday in 2017, under the artistic direction of Dr. Janet Speer, the Proclamation of the Word took the shape of a readers theater. Dr. Speer and her team portrayed former church members looking down from the clouds after their passing. What follows is a video recording starting with Jim Swinkola and a Moment for Stewardship to set the stage, followed by Rev. Feild Russell introducing the skit characters. The 10-minute skit follows with a shifting microphone performance examining how financial choices in the life of deceased members play out among the living.

A deeply meaningful gift from the late Mike and Joan Brown:

Mike and Joan Brown remembered Banner Elk Presbyterian Church.

Joan and Mike Brown

Mike and Joan worshiped at our church during their summers as residents at the Elk River Club.  Mike retired as Senior Vice President of Marketing for Lowe’s Home Centers.

The Browns so loved the ministry and mission commitment exhibited by our church that they wanted it to benefit from their estate plans.  Mike died in March of 2014.  Joan’s death in early 2016 triggered a May letter from the Presbyterian Foundation.  The letter included a $32,145 check to the church, representing 20% of a Charitable Remainder Unitrust.  The session has entrusted the investment of this financial blessing to the Permanent Funds Ministry.

We deeply appreciate these acts of faith.

Faithful Choices Big Impact

Thanks to the Presbyterian Foundation, your Permanent Funds Ministry is pleased to make the following video available.  Please click on the image to view the video.

Donor makes a big impact on their church by leaving part of their estate to the church.

Judy Whitford of First Presbyterian Church in Iowa City, Iowa makes a big impact through her decision to leave ten percent of her estate to the church. She hopes that it will help her congregation empower others in the future as they have empowered her in the past

PFM 20150901Olanda Carr, Ministry Relations Officer for the Presbyterian Foundation, McNair Tornow, and members of the Permanent Funds Ministry and Stewardship and Financial Committee are available at the events to provide information, answer questions and hear any suggestions.