Wed Connects

Wednesday Connections
Our weekly Wednesday Connections is back at 7 pm! Mostly just a chance to catch up with others during COVID Confinement, we will look at some scripture, reflect a bit, and go over prayer concerns among the congregation and community. Steve Bender is the host. ZOOM login info is below. Every Wednesday January 27-June 9, 2021. Join Zoom Meeting

Congregation Bulletin Board: How is Everyone?

Below are some updates from our members (Jan-Feb 2021). Want to add your greeting  update? Email to Janet Speer.

Frank is now at home and is a Hospice patient. After his last stay in the hospital, they advised going to a rehab Facility but his condition worsened so I brought him home. No more hospitals and facilities; he is happier at home where he will be well cared for. Our daughter Pat Ward is spending the winter in Florida, so she’s a big help.

This past year, it seems that time has stood still because everyday is the same. No special events to separate the days and weeks. Maybe like the movie, Ground Hog Day.  Someone else described each day as Bluesday because they’re all the same. Sending my best wishes and lots of love to all the Comfort Makers.

Larry and Chris Zimmer:
We continue to adapt as guidelines and local conditions evolve. We are very blessed to have received the first vaccine dose and are scheduled for the second on Feb 6.  We do not expect it to change our habits significantly but hope that it will reduce anxiety a bit.

We have not traveled at all during the past year and especially missed our annual trip to FL to visit with Steve (elder son), Rachel and our grandson, Gavin. While in Daytona, we usually get together with Craigs and Poldermans but that did not happen 🙁

Every Friday is spent at Feeding Avery Families which is meeting a very important need in the community. Under the leadership of Dick Larson and Jo-Ann McMurray, the ministry is very well supported with financial donations, food and volunteers. Chris leads a team that handles the appointments and Larry greets clients at their vehicles. The drive through system is the safest approach that we know of for FAF staff and clients.

Chris continues to man the BEPC reception desk on Mondays and works with the Mountain Laurel Quilt Guild to create donation quilts and distribute them to agencies throughout the area. She is taking an online class in free-motion quilting which is a great outlet for her creative energy. She is also active with her healing touch ministry.

The Tuesday Habitat for Humanity team is busy building houses and Larry appreciates working with Steve Bender and others. He enjoys collaborating with Mark File and David Soyars on the service streaming and recordings and is at church regularly “to keep the lights on” (literally). A recent highlight was a January camping trip with Brian (younger son) to islands in Fontana Lake in SW NC. Despite the cold temperatures, rain and wind, it was a wonderful time together. The woodshop in the cabin is also pretty active these days.

We are interested to see what our “new normal” will be. The many changes over the past year have given us a great opportunity to review our priorities and explore new opportunities. We are definitely looking forward to being with friends in fellowship and worship soon. Wishing you well.

From Judy Roelings:
Hello from  South Louisiana! Ted and I miss you all, as well. We are so appreciative of the on-line services and the Wednesday Connection time. It makes us feel like we are there.

Ted has had at least eight surgeries and procedures since the end of April, including neck surgery and an aortic valve replacement. The original surgery was to be the end of January, but Covid-19 patients received priority and he had to wait until the end of April. The first surgery was rescheduled four times. Each time, Ted had to go through getting clearance from several doctors. He still has some more procedures lined up, but they are not surgeries.

We have received the first dose of the vaccine and will have the second one on February 6, for which we are very grateful. Our cardiologist arranged for us to get the vaccinations. We are only venturing out to the doctors and pharmacy, at this point. We even are having groceries delivered through Instacart. It is amazing to us how many people are not  wearing masks, even though there is a state mandate to do so. We will continue to wear masks and social distance even after receiving the second vaccination.

We stay very busy. Ted is moderating, by zoom, the Session of Baker Presbyterian Church where he is Pastor Emeritus. There is much we are doing to connect even having to stay in our townhome. We love having a fire in the fireplace when the weather is in the thirties. Today it is in the seventies, so, no cozy fire needed.

We hope to return to the mountains sometime in April. We will just have to see how things are going–thee and here. We don’t have the extensive medical support there that we do here. Loved hearing about your new family member, Linda. Keep on being patient.  We have two rescue dogs, one a yellow lab mix who is very cooperative. We are sad that she is showing signs of old age. The other is a mixture of schnauzer and dachshund. who is our “juvenile delinquent”. Ted calls her our “designer dog”–a “schnau-dach”. Blessings to all!

From Dudley Gilmer:
I’m fine! Fully recovered from mild coronavirus and reading a lot, watching movies, studying issues like Black Lives Matter.  Zooming a lot with family, friends and various learning groups. Watching church online, and appreciating Deck and the team that make that possible. Gaining weight while missing tai chi.  Thankful to be able to live alone, with daily check-ins from my children. Praying for God’s sustaining grace for our country and world.

From Linda & Jerry Olsen:
So nice to hear from everyone. We are staying safe here in Columbia awaiting our first vaccine appointment in 2 weeks. The process here in SC could not have been made more complicated, but we are grateful that our wait is not longer.

Our lives got a lot livelier the Saturday before Christmas when we adopted an almost 2 year old Boston Terrier. She is a real sweetie and is learning new things every day. She had never lived in a house before so training is ongoing.

Jerry is doing some painting and I deliver Meals on Wheels once a week. We stay in touch with our church services online and appreciate the extra effort both our churches are expending to make these services available.

We do hope to get to Beech Mountain before long for a few days but will wait until the crowds and weather mitigate some. Thank you again for reaching out to all of us.

From Richard & Joan Rhynes:
I know that many of you have heard that one of our grandson’s died in his sleep almost two weeks ago in VA. We thank you for your prayers. He was a really kind young man and will be missed by his numerous friends and his family. Our son drove to Richmond to be with our family there for the Mass.

Otherwise, we are having a great Winter!  We walk 2 miles everyday except Thursday. There’s a park next to us and we’ve always loved to walk. On Thursdays, we head for a different Preserve for a four to five mile walk. There are numerous parks and preserves in our three county area. I also am a yoga enthusiast so enjoy stretching on our patio. At our age, we need it all!  We do play golf, as well.

We play duplicate bridge online once a week. One of our favorite activities is our Florida Orchestra concerts which are in our area. They have performed every week with strict social distancing.  They are phenomenal!!

Our greatest days are occasionally being with our son, his wife and our eleven year old granddaughter— playing ping pong in their backyard or playing card games. . We also have a wonderful adult grandson whom we see often.  We are active with our Sunday Bible Class here and we’ve become so close as we have met by Zoom since March 2020.  Church is on FB.

So yes!  We head for a huge Preserve tomorrow ( 25 miles away) and look forward to seeing the Eagles, gators, tortoises and armadillos. It’s a proverbial zoo around here. LOL.

We’ll return to Beech in mid-May and hopefully open by then for our four great months. The FORUM is already on a roll and we’re hearing from positive patrons. We need to keep our fingers crossed, Janet.

We have our second vaccine on February 3rd and then on the 17th we’re immune. Will continue to wear masks but we truly believe in the vaccine.  Hope all of you will be doing the same. Cheers from our home to all of yours. Love and God Bless and pray for our new administration!